About us

Musician Kyohei Sorita established this stock company, a forum created by musicians for them to pursue their activities with their base in Nara while ensuring the continuation and growth of those activities. JNO also seeks to secure an environment in which ambitious musicians can study music and focus on their musical activities with peace of mind, and to establish an academy of music in the future.

Company Profile

Company Name
Japan National Orchestra Co.,Ltd.
Head Office
Nara City, Nara Prefecture
May 20, 2021
10 Million Yen
Business Objectives
Musical Activities of the Japan National Orchestra
Chairman and Representative Director
Akihiko Kawashima
President and Representative Director
Kyohei Sorita
Personnel Composition
20(Kyohei Sorita and 19 soloists)

The Aim of the Japan National Orchestra

1. To establish joint-stock companies by musicians themselves to create opportunities for their activities and to ensure sustainable and progressive activities
2. To secure an environment in which aspiring musicians can safely learn music and devote themselves to musical activities
3. Aim to be an orchestra that is well known and loved by the local community, especially in Nara
4. Establish a music academy in 2030


MLM Double Quartet
Pianist: Kyohei Sorita takes the lead in founding
the MLM Double Quartet
MLM National Orchestra
Development of the double quartet and creation of
the MLM National Orchestra
Japan National Orchestra
MLM National Orchestra renamed Japan National Orchestra
Japan National Orchestra Co.,Ltd.
DMG Mori Seiki Corporation (Mori Memorial Foundation for Manufacturing Technology and Research) and the first joint stock company in Japan to be established (May 20, 2021) by a joint investment by NEXUS Corporation.